ABOUT Telepathy

Telepathy is the universal language of animals. Tele means over a distance and pathy means feeling or perception. It is mind-to-mind communication and doesn't depend upon being present physically. Telepathic information travels fast and can be received through images, feelings, words, impressions and sensing. Our animals are listening to our thoughts all the time. We can hear them if we learn to tune-in.

I've been learning and practicing after taking workshops and classes from long-time professionals in the field of animal communication. Now I look forward to being of service to my clients in this special way.  Messages are my favourite part of communicating with animals as they are intimate and from their perspective. They deepen understanding of feelings and connection.



Do you wish you could know how your animal feels about you? You can! As part of my service, I'll do a telepathy session ahead of time with your animal from a distance and will document what I receive. With your permission, I'll ask your animal if they have a message about your relationship they'd like to share with you. It could be about what they have to teach, their feelings for you, or what they appreciate about their life with you.

This is also an opportunity to introduce myself and to start to get to know your animal/s. I can tell them what to expect at the photo session and ask for their input, such as ideas for images. After this session, I share with you what I received and give you a transcript of our communication. It'll be a joy to receive and deliver messages so you know what your animals have to say!


A message TO YOU…

I’m also happy to do just a telepathy session so anyone can have a special love message from their animal - either passed or presently with you. Since telepathy is done from a distance, your animal can be literally anywhere. I just need their name and a photograph of them so that I can communicate telepathically with your animal. Your message from them can become an art piece on its own - either custom typeset digitally by me or hand-lettered by a local artist onto archival paper.


"By working with Bagel, Karen helped me to understand what is really important to him and our relationship. Having a deeper understanding is increasing our bond with one another, a bond which was already strong as you can clearly see in the pictures Karen took of us during our photo session." - Dina (Bagel's person)

”Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the telepathy session you did with our dog Hobbes. I was literally brought to tears of love. There was such a truth and resonance to it. You gave me a more intimate connection to Hobbes, a deeper knowing of who he is. The things you shared are very specific to him and describe him to a tee. So blessed to have met you.” - Jamie W (Hobbes’ person)


Communicating with Orcas: A Whales' Perspective by Mary J Getten

Awakening to Animal Voices by Dawn Baumann Brunke

Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication by Penelope Smith

The Language of Animals: 7 Steps to Communicating with Animals by Carol Gurney

Kinship with All Life by J Allen Boone


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