HEAL: to become whole. To heal is to provide a cure for, make healthy again.
AID: to provide with what is useful or necessary in achieving an end. To aid means to help or assist.

As you become a family, here are some sessions I offer to help newly adopted animals and their people. There are ways to aid animals as they adjust, acclimatize, decompress, and heal. I also offer practical and holistic resources to support you in caring for your new family member.

All life is innately equipped to speak with all life whenever minds and hearts are properly attuned.
— J. Allen Boone from "Kinship With All Life"


Direct communication with your newly adopted animal can bring understanding and a smoother transition.
Clear information can aid in adjusting to a new environment and family.
- I can share information with them so they know what to expect and why.
- I can find out what would help them in the transition to becoming a family member in your home.
- What do they want you to know about them.
- Do they have something that would help them in their transition?
- Do they want to change their name? (And what is their preference for a name, if you are willing to honor it)
- What is their personality like and what is important to them.

Direct communication with your animal who has transitioned can give you emotional peace and perhaps some answers.
Connecting with your animal in spirit can bring peace, relief, understanding and even healing of grief.
- I can find out how they are doing and if there is anything they want you to know.
- I can ask any questions that you want to find out for closure and understanding.


Reiki is a very effective and powerful healing modality for adopted animals needing to regain their inherant trust, balance and confidence.
Reiki is two Japanese words (Rei and Ki) meaning universal life force energy. Everything is energy. We are all made of the same energy. Removing blocks to the movement of this energy is what restores normal balance. Healing is to make whole. Reiki always brings peace and harmony as it involves spiritual rebalancing that can show up as emotional, physical or spiritual healing.
I have received Reiki Master Practitioner training and offer this service for animals as a distance treatment or in-person at my studio. This healing energy of Reiki is intended for the animal’s highest good. It supports relaxation and relieves stress.
Your animal is given the option whether they’d like to receive Reiki so it is always their choice. Sometimes animals will enjoy the touch of Reiki but hands may be threatening to them and so instead distant Reiki or sitting with an animal in a meditative Reiki space is preferable.


    Once bonded and you’d like a photograph of the connection between you, we can schedule a session.
    Your animal will be consulted and participate in deciding details about the session.


Learn to communicate with your animal to create a rapport and bond based in understanding and equal relationship. It’s easy and possible to practice this universal mental language to hear what your animal has to say. Animals hear our thoughts so we need to be careful and aware of what we are thinking.
A few clear steps to connect and deepen your relationship. Practice being in an open space of listening which connects you to receiving from your animal as well as sending clear and intentional thoughts to them.


Offered to my clients who have any session with me - telepathy, Reiki or photography.
- Information on ways that veterinary grade essential oils for animals can help with calming and healing of mind, body, spirit. Some essential oils can only be diffused and not used topically depending on the species of animal. [From trusted information sourced from “The Animal Desk - Reference” by Melissa Shelton DVM. ]
- Information on good food choices for cats and dogs. Important for reducing symptoms from previous poor nutrition and overall health.
- A food guide listing what food to avoid as it’s not recommended or can be poisonous to cats and dogs.
- Guidance in how to introduce a new cat into the family.
- Rebuild their trust by being present, giving respect,
- Options for naturally dealing with fleas for prevention and maintenance.

It came as a “still small voice” whispering the needed information within... or a sudden awareness... or a revealing suggestion... or swift enlightenment... or a clear direction for solving a particular problem.
— J. Allen Boone
While with an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deeper power of joy, we see into the life of things.
— William Wordsworth